Eligibility conditions
1. Being a low-income family, being a Canadian citizen or have the status of permanent resident of Canada.

2. Reside in Quebec for at least one year and provide a tax return.

3. Your child must be enrolled in a public primary school or secondary school recognized by the Ministry of Education. No private school will be accepted.

4. You must send us by mail only, the documents required below, to the following address: Fondation maman 130A, rue Notre-Dame Charlemagne (Quebec) J5Z 1H2.

• A copy of your Notice of Income Tax Assessment showing the amount on line 15000 of your 2022 federal tax return.

• A copy of the Régie des rentes du Québec, Child support, to indicate the annual family income.

• Send only the first page of each child’s school report card.

5. It would be important for you to identify a stakeholder, for example (a social worker or teacher) who could confirm your current situation. It is mandatory to write us in a few words describing the reasons for your request.

6. By completing the application form, you agree that the Fondation Maman Dion performs the usual checks. If you ever make a mistake in completing your application and you have already sent it to us, please contact us as soon as possible instead of filling out the form again to avoid having two applications with the same name.

7. The Maman Dion Foundation Selection Committee reserves the right to refuse any application that is not in compliance or has been selected the previous year.

8. Any application received after 2024 April 30 at midnight will be refused.

If you are eligible, please follow the steps below to complete your online application form for back-to-school 2024-2025.

1. You must fill out a form for each of your children;

2. All forms must be completed online and submitted no later than midnight on  30 April 2024.

3. Selected families will receive a response from the Foundation no later than the end of May by phone call.

4. Although the Fondation Maman Dion wishes to be able to help all families, it, unfortunately, has to establish limits by accepting a maximum number of requests per region.

5. Please note that your request will be treated confidentially.

Fill out your forms. Have your child’s report card and 2022 tax return ready. The maximum time allowed to complete each form online is 60 minutes;

 Complete the form

Can I make a donation to help children of my region?

Yes, by navigating to the “Help” page of the website, you will be able to select the type of donation you wish to make. In each of the choices listed, you will have the opportunity to identify the region in which you wish your donation to be awarded.

I am retired, how can I be a volunteer?

If you are interested in volunteering at the Fondation Maman Dion, send your resume to or call 1 866 430-3466

What does the Fondation provides to the children it helps?

In addition to supporting education, the Fondation Maman Dionencourages self-fulfillment and self-esteem by providing: basic school material and clothing for back to school.

You request the familly income on the application form. What do you mean by familly income?

Family income is the sum of money your family received in the previous year, which includes your spouse’s income, wages, employment or unemployment insurance income, and social welfare income, scholarships, federal and provincial child support, and family allowances. If you have a decrease in this amount for the current year, you must indicate the reason for this loss of income in the description section of the family and financial situation of the application form.

Is the help offer by the Fondation opened to everyone?

No. You must be a permanent resident of Quebec with low income. In addition, your child must be enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school recognized by the Ministry of Education. Applications from families whose children attend a private school will not be considered.

Can we receive cash support to cover scolar fees?

No. The Fondation does not provide monetary support for school fees and expenses incurred by activities, supervision or transportation.

Can we register to the program to receive only clothes?

No. You can not send your form to receive only clothes. The Fondation Maman Dion encourages education and self-esteem by providing basic school effects, eyeglasses (if needed), and clothing for back to school.

If my child is selected when ca I expect to receive the money?

The Fondation does not give any money to parents. If your child is selected, you will receive a letter from the Fondation Maman Dion which will indicate the procedure to follow to benefit from the goods offered by the Fondation and its partners.

Can I register my child who starts kindergarten?

Yes. Kindergarten is a pre-school level, so it is included in the support program that supports the education of children.

At what time of the year are registrations scheduled?

Registration for back-to-school assistance is scheduled from January to the end of March each year.