It was from 1937 that Thérèse Tanguay Dion was introduced to philanthropy by her father, Achille Tanguay. During all these years, she continues the tradition by helping families in need through her generosity and her expertise. In 2006, helped and encouraged by her children, Thérèse Tanguay Dion created the Fondation Maman Dion to support the education of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Since then, “Maman Dion” helps children from all over Quebec so that they all have equal opportunities to succeed in their lives.

Thérèse Tanguay Dion


“Since it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a Fondation such as my mother’s to help all the children of Quebec.

At the Fondation, we believe that, since school is mandatory, it is important that all children in Quebec, regardless of their region, their economic status or the context of their parents’ lives, have in hand, and this, from the month of August each year, all the articles and material necessary for their academic success.
I love what I do at the Fondation. I feel useful and I find it rewarding to help poor and vulnerable children. “

Claudette Dion
Chief Executive Officer & Spokesperson


Our Directors

Claudette Dion
Director General and

Martin Deschênes
Chairman and Treasurer

Benoit Girard
Vice President
Director of Sales Financial Consulting Beneva

Rodger Brulotte
Animator and Chronicler at the Journal de Montréal

Denise Robert
President Cinémaginaire

Nicolas Burns
Deputy Director General, Le Mirage Golf Club

Dominique Bohec
President at Maison Isabelle

Mia Dumont
Vice-president – V.P. Finance and Administration
PDG, Communimage / Mia Musica

Kristel Louboutin
Gestion Les Bâtisseurs
Vice President Sales
Marketing & Communications

Stéphanie Courturier
Senior Vice President

Mia Dumont
Vice-president – V.P. Finance and Administration
PDG, Communimage / Mia Musica

Richard Galarneau
President of


‘’A small team, who does great things.”

The permanent team of the Fondation Maman Dion is very small, which does not stop it to see big! It is because it is surrounded by faithful partners and dedicated volunteers that it achieves its goals.

‘’Une petite équipe, qui accomplit de grandes choses.’’

L’équipe permanente de la Fondation est très petite, ce qui ne l’empêche pas de voir grand! C’est entourée de fidèles partenaires et de bénévoles dévoués qu’elle atteint ses objectifs.

Liette Dion

Coordinator, program
back to school



Become ambassadors in your area to help children in your home


Devenez ambassadeurs dans votre région pour venir en aide aux enfants de chez-vous


The mandate of the Circle of Ambassadors is to represent the Fondation Maman Dion in its own region. Supported by the permanent team, members have the responsibility to solicit donors on their territory in order to achieve financial goals and to help more young people each year in their respective regions.


Le cercle des ambassadeurs a pour principal mandat d’agir à titre de représentant de la Fondation dans la région qui lui est propre. Appuyé par l’équipe permanente, les membres ont la responsabilité de solliciter des donateurs sur leur territoire dans le but d’atteindre les objectifs financiers et d’aider un plus grand nombre de jeunes chaque année dans leur région respective.

Organize a fundraising activity to benefit children in your area.

The Fondation invites you to organize a benefit activity. All the funds raised on this occasion will be used to provide school materials to underprivileged children in your area to allow them to live proudly every school year. Here are some suggestions of things to do that might be of interest to you:
– Auction – Lave-o-thon
– Dance-o-thon – Benefit evening
– Sports tournaments (golf, hockey, baseball, soccer, etc …)

Organiser une activité de collecte de fonds au profit
des enfants de votre région.

La Fondation vous invite à organiser une activité bénéfice. Tous les fonds amassés à cette occasion serviront à fournir du matériel scolaire aux enfants défavorisés de votre région afin de leur permettre de vivre chaque rentrée scolaire avec fierté. Voici, entre autres, quelques suggestions d’activités à organiser et qui pourraient peut-être vous intéresser : Encans, Lave-o-thon, Danse-o-thon, Soirée bénéfice, Tournois sportifs
(golf, hockey, baseball, soccer, etc…)